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The largest domestic manufacturer - the leader of the Russian decorative paints market


First Steps
In 1993, a company for the sale of paints and varnishes was established.
In 1996 said company was named LAKRA and launched its first trademark, LAKRA.
By 2003, the company has become the largest distributor of high quality decorative paints and coatings in Russia. The same year, the company's distribution center began operating to provide round-the-clock service to trading partners.
In 2004, in the Moscow region, in the town of Staraya Kupavna, opened a modern factory of paints and varnishes of the water and alkyd group, equipped with advanced equipment from European manufacturers.
In 2007, the plant underwent a complete reconstruction of the water workshop and automatic packaging of products was ensured. Specialists of the company have developed and implemented PARADE, our own automatic tinting system, in the sales network.
В 2009 году начал функционировать новый цех высоковязких продуктов — шпатлевки и декоративные штукатурки. В эти же годы компания открыла филиалы в крупнейших городах России: в 2008 — в Новосибирске и Ростове-на-Дону, в 2010 — в Волгограде, в 2011 — в Саратове и Краснодаре, в 2012 — в Самаре.
In 2012, LAKRA was among the top three Russian manufacturers of paints and varnishes.
In 2015, the company's quality management system was certified for compliance with international ISO standards. This certification was also confirmed four years later, in 2019.
In 2021, LAKRA launched the production of pigment pastes.
LAKRA is the leading manufacturer of decorative paints and coatings on the Russian market
The company produces a wide range of organic and water-based decorative paints and varnishes and supplies various general construction and industrial coatings: paints, varnishes, enamels, plasters, wood protection products, assembly foams, sealants and other high-quality materials.
Today LAKRA is a leader in the ranking of Russian manufacturers of paints and varnishes.
All company products are made in factories in Russia using foreign industrial technology and its own developments.
The company's products are represented in the wholesale and retail markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan.
We operate in the Russian market since 1993
We are growing and developing — we already have 1,300 employees
We produce >60,000 tons of products per year
We produce water-based and organically dilutable paints and varnishes
We are represented in >15,000 retail outlets across Russia
We are proud of our internationally renowned eco-friendly materials

Our brands

High-quality paints and varnishes for comprehensive solutions to problems of any complexity for repair and finishing works.
Wood protection and decoration 
PU foams, sealants and adhesives
New line of elite decorative coatings.
The line of available paints for a wide range of repair and finishing works.
High quality hand tools for craftsmen, hobbyists and those who habitually choose the best.  
Professional facade materials. They are used in the original facade thermal insulation system with external plaster layers (SFTK) — REINMANN thermosystem.
The line of construction adhesives of the new generation. It combined the regulatory quality requirements and adaptive adhesion properties in the assembly of various coatings.
Affordable means to protect and decorate wood.
Paints and varnishes in the economy class segment.
The hand-held tools are aimed at consumers who primarily pay attention to the optimal combination of quality and low price.

The line of paints and varnishes of the sub-economy class segment.
Includes the most popular materials on the market.

Our products

Decorative coatings

ВК49865 ЛАКРА специализируется на выпуске и реализации лакокрасочных материалов в разных ценовых сегментах. Наш главный приоритет — качество и эффективность производимой продукции. Учитывая нужды и потребности клиентов, компания выпускает разнообразные покрытия, как общестроительного, так и промышленного назначения: от красок и лаков до монтажных пен и герметиков.
We offer a wide range of decorative coatings and help our customers find the best solution to meet their individual needs. 

A variety of colors and textures, as well as a balanced combination of the most important qualities for paints and varnishes (environmental friendliness, durability and longevity) made this type of finishing extremely relevant.

LAKRA offers a portfolio of brands, and each of our customers can find the most suitable product for their needs among them.  

Using the results of our research and development activities and consumer feedback in various market segments, we are constantly improving our product range.

We develop and produce a line of decorative paints, characterized by:
• a variety of textures and colors;
• universal use;
• proven durability;
• safety;
• easy application

More information about colors, textures, product properties, video instructions on how to use the products and other materials can be found on the brands' websites.  

When you buy a LAKRA product, you also get a guaranteed result that will meet all your expectations.



Adhesives for professional applications in the construction, furniture and automotive industries. Adhesive materials are produced on “smart” equipment using our own innovative technology.

Dagel, the professional line of adhesive systems is a range of 1K and 2K water-based acrylic and vinyl acetate adhesives, polyurethane and hybrid adhesives. Highly detailed technical characteristics at the equipped scientific laboratory, proven recommendations for the introduction of catalysts, field tests accompanied by experienced LAKRA technicians and training seminars at the testing ground of the company allow unmistakable product selection for adhesion of polyolefin films, metalized sheets, paper, cardboard, wood, various floors and sports coatings.

Polymer dispersions

Ecological acrylic copolymer adhesives produced on high-tech production lines of LAKRA for various applications. They provide a unique set of properties in finished paints, varnishes and adhesives.

LAKRA has 25 years of experience in the development of water-based paints and varnishes. New types of polymer adhesives are needed to ensure the final properties of the products, which is why since 2019 the company has been implementing a fine chemical synthesis project to produce its own styrene-acrylic, acrylic, and vinyl acetate copolymer dispersions. The production line has a high degree of automation and allows to obtain products using different types of emulsion polymer synthesis. The established scientific center makes it possible to regulate polymer properties at the synthesis stage and predict its behavior in the final product and optimal application technology. A professional technical support team will ensure the implementation of the dispersion into the customer's technology. LAKRA's cooperation with leading industry technologists makes it possible to precisely formulate the physical and chemical profile of the adhesive and find complex, non-typical solutions for the production of specialty paints and varnishes, adhesive tapes, paper and cardboard production.

Product categories

Water-born paints
Solvent-based enamels
Water-born enamels
Decorative plasters and paints
Wood protection products
Liquid Nails / 
PU foams
Enamels in aerosols
Hand tool

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